Sucorinvest Asset Management



Building on our reputation, Sucorinvest Group operates a number of well-known mutual funds through subsidiary PT Sucorinvest Asset Management, which received its Asset Management license in 1999. Superior returns and the Group’s sterling reputation has resulted in rapid growth since then, and as of December 31, 2011, we have more than Rp2 trillion total in Assets under Management. Our mutual fund offerings include money market, fixed income and equity funds, giving investors choices that are appropriate to their objectives and risk tolerance.

Types of mutual funds managed by mutual funds include a mixture, stock, fixed income, and limited participation. By having various types of mutual funds, SucorInvest Asset Management is able to provide individual customers and employer of choice in accordance with customers' risk profile and objectives.

Our Investors benefit from Sucorinvest’s superior market insight, strong network, analytic ability and a culture that places clients interests first from both Individual and Institutional Investors. Based on our excellent performance and market-beating returns, Investor Magazine rated one of our funds, Sucorinvest Flexi Fund, as one of the top five Balanced Funds in 2010 and 2011.

In line with our vision to help investors successfully grow their capital over the long run, our mission is also to educate and guide our clients with regard to successful savings and investment habits, thus improving the quality of their lives as well as their financial comprehension. 

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