PT. Sucorinvest Central Gani Entrusted as Underwriter of Impack Pratama Industri Bonds Issuance


In relation to the announcement of Bonds Issuance I through Public Offering by PT. Impack Pratama Industri 2016, PT. Sucorinvest Central Gani is entrusted as one of the underwriters, with the principal amount of Rp500billion.

Chief Executive Officer of PT. Sucorinvest Central Gani as Underwriter, Nicolaos M. Oentung states, “Impack Pratama is the market leader in the industry of building material with a very good prospect. Having a big market potential, we are optimistic the company’s bonds will be an interesting investment for investors.”

Yes, Sucorinvest is optimistic this investment will draw plenty of investors because the coupons offered are very interesting. With two phases of issuance, A Series offers coupons in the range of 9/5%-10% from issuance date with a tenor of 3 years. As for B Series, investors have the potential to get coupons of 9.75%-10.25% from issuance date. This period of bonds issuance has been opened since November 1st and will be closed on November 14th, 2016. Interested investors can apply for Book Building Form at Sucorinvest.

Proceeds from this Public Offering of this Bonds Issuance will be used by PT. Impack Pratama for payment toward company’s and subsidiaries’ bank’s debt, for capital expenditure of company and subsidiaries, as well as for working capital of company and subsidiaries.

Going forward, Sucorinvest will continue to work together with companies of different background to increase the attractiveness of investment in the Indonesian market. Well known as a national private securities firm, Sucorinvest has rightfully earned the trust of many to manage investment fund due to its expertise, competence and skills in the capital market. With its business lines that cover Equity Brokerage, Investment Banking, Fixed Income and Asset Management, as well as 27 years of experience, Sucorinvest will continue to be highly committed to contribute in the Indonesian capital market.

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