1. Capital Markets and Private Placement

We help companies to raise funds through the capital market in the form of issuing shares through IPO, Rights Issue or the Share Placement (secondary placement) or whether it is conventional debt financing in straight bonds, sub-ordinated bonds, convertible or exchangeable bonds as well as debt instruments sharia (sukuk).

In addition through the offering to the public, we also help companies to raise funds through private placement for equity transactions as well as debt instruments like Medium Term Notes. Through an extensive network among other high net worth, private equity and family office we seek to achieve proper placement success for all parties.

2. Merger and Acquisition In

developing business activities , can not be separated from the decision to develop a variety of activities both organic and non organic . We help companies to find the right company to be acquired in consideration to develop non-organic . On the other hand , we are also actively involved in finding a party that could be a buyer if the company intends to divest the business / company that are found to be the core of the company’s business

3. Advisory

Both companies are preparing to take the floor at the stock exchange or any company that is restructuring debt , we help through financial counseling . Pre IPO advisory , debt restructuring advisory or corporate financial modeling is part of a range of financial advisory activities that we can offer. This powered from the team that has the skills to make a projection and modeling are needed to support a wide range of analysis to decision -making .