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    What is a bond?

    A bond is a debt obligation issued by a government (federal, state, or municipal), corporation, or other entity. Most bonds offer regular, scheduled income with relatively low risk, making bond investing attractive to retirees and others living off their investments.

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    What's the difference between Treasury Bills and Bonds?

    The difference between bills and bonds is the amount of time the securities take to reach maturity. A bill generally has a maturity of less than one year and a bond ranges anywhere from one to 10 years or more.

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    What are the tax implications of bonds?

    Income from the capital gains and accrued interest of selling Bonds will be subject to a final tax of 15%.

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    What does the credit rating for bonds mean?

    The credit rating of bonds is essential to bond investing because it represents the issuer’s credit evaluation as rated by Pefindo, Standard & Poors and/or Moody’s. A high rating (such as AAA) implies a small chance of default, while a poor rating (such as CCC) is a very risky investment.

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    What does it mean if a bond is “callable”?

    A “call” feature protects the issuer from changes in the prevailing interest rate, allowing the bond to be called back and retired prior to the originally announced maturity date. For example, a bond gives a 7 percent coupon for 5 years, but becomes callable after 2 years. If there’s a drop in the market interest rate to 4 percent after 2 years, the issuer might want to call back the bond, and re-issue new bonds at 4 percent.

What Our Clients Say

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